Downloading a file from the web using a dynamic QR code?

Hello guys, the only component I found able to download a file from a redirected url (typically pointing to a php file that redirects to the url to download the requested file) is the Web component. But it requires the name of the file where it will save the downloaded file. Downloading a file using a static url there are no problems because I can extract the file name from the complete path and everything will work well, but downloading from a redirected url makes this option impossible and so the Web component gives a unique file name to the downloaded file. Do I have missing something? Does a trick exist or have I to live gaving an arbitrary name to the file I need to download?

setting the file name is not necessary.

Do not use this block, or set it to any name you want.

In this case I see Web component in some way defines a file name by itself and it is not the original file name.

so you know the original name?

I try to explain better. A static link yo an url is the url iself as 404 instead a dynamic link is something as 404 and inside the php file you can write the real url of the file you want to download that is a url. In this way you can change the file to download simly changin the content of the php file. This is important if you embed the url in a QR code. using a redirecting mechanism you do not need to change the QR code to change the file to download or move it in a different server/domain. So, actually I know the name of the file will be downloaded but it may change in the future. I think now it is more clear my original question.

You should use CustomWebView or a similar extension which has download feature.