Download pictures from Cloudinary to device

Hello friends!

I am trying to download images from cloudinary. I am using the Taifunfile tool to move or copy from the Image component to the device. But this doesn't work.

How can I do it??

The images are saved inside a dynamic image. And when I press the button, I want to download to the device. The images are also in a List (LISTA_FOTOS)

First I tried to download the photos on the ASD. I then wanted to try downloading them to the DOWNLOAD folder on the device so the user would have easy access. But I haven't managed to download them to the ASD yet.

Please, help! :pray:

Are you sure TaifunFile extension can be used to download files from internet?
Use this extension


COMPLETELY NOT jejeje, thank you, I didn't find that thread. I'will try it. But how to download to General Download folder?? This extension only can use ASD.

Thank you

Move it after downloading to the Shared folder /Download using the File component or better TaifunFile extension (to avoid storage permissions on Android 11+).

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I get it. Thank you.Now I have the files (get its from cloudinary) in ASD directory. But can I to move them to GENERAL download directory?? the same directory when a file is downloaded and the user know how to get it (usualy)

Thank you again!!

Yes, as I already told you. So where is your problem?
And if there is a problem: Android version, Companion or APK?

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I didn't think the solution was that easy

I was trying to do it the hard way... staying up late doesn't help thinking... :see_no_evil:

as simple as:


I just have to check if the directory exists and then move the files.

Thanks again @Anke !

/Download must be capitalized, and I think the File component works with this also.

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