Download image from .jpg URL to show in ASD

I'm using this Anke's great extension here to download an image from cloudinary. All good on that part but I can't seem to see it in ImagePicker. I've tried using both the standard image picker and the Activity Starter technique found here.

I can confirm that the file is downloading to the ASD directory since on Android there comes a prompt '___ downloaded'. When I open it, I can see it open with my phone's gallery but thats it. When I open my gallery from the gallery icon itself, I cant find the image.

You might need to move or copy the file, at the moment files in the ASD are not necessarily shown in the gallery. Here an example for a canvas image, but the same method should currently work.

On devices with Android 11 you can no longer open / see the ASD on your device.
You need a file manager app (e.g.: Total Commander), which requires special permission to open / see the ASD.

Thanks for the advice guys!
TIMAI2 was right. After downloading i'd need to move it to the pictures folder.
Attached the working blocks for anyone else looking

This will no longer work when AI2 is targeting Android 11 (on devices with Android 10+). So if you need to update your app (in the Play Store) after Okt 2021, you must find another solution / way ...

Yikes. Thanks for the heads up. I assumed when you said:

you can no longer open / see the ASD

you meant that it was just 'viewing'. Didn't realize the limitation was also for moving files.

Yes, I made this clear in the description for my example....

you then will have to use the file component to move the picture to the shared storage

Yes, this should also work for the folder /Pictures. I checked it copying an image from the assets to /Pictures. This works on the AI2 test server (targeting Android 11).

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