Download external file from webviewer

hi, i have webviewer that loads a php file that contains a link to a pdf file…
the webviewer displays the link but when i try to click on it, doesn’t work…
any idea? Suggestion? Help?
Thanks in advance

Use the web component to download files from links
(If it is your html/php, you can pass the url from the webviewer to the web component using the webviewstring)

i found the component and i installed the example. It works because i can download file but i want that the file (for example the pdf) will be displayed into the webviewer browser like for example in chrome…

with the example i can download the file but then i have to search into the folder… is there a way to download and open directly into webviewer?

How to view a pdf document


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Hai Guys How to change The path of files that download from the webviewer