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Hi, how can I download(not install) extensions??? I searched the whole internet, still can't find anything...

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Most extensions are published on websites and typically provided as links to the extension files. Depending on your browser, you can either click the link to initiate a download or you can right click and say "Save Link As..." (exact language will depend on your browser). For example, here is a link to the BluetoothLE extension.

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ok, thanks, do you maybe have the link for the alarm manager extension with notification?

You need to visit here:

and here:

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I visited the sites, do I need to pay something for this extensions??

Some are paid, but most are free. For more information, please visit the link.
As for the alarm manager, this is a paid extension.

Hi, Your question is not related with the tag you used. The tag you used is used for sharing extensions by developers with the community. Please change your tag.

What is this topic about?

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