Download App inventor offline

hi all, i would like to know if it is possible to download appinventor for offline use.

There are a number of clones for Desktop, but they tend to lag behind the App Inventor Updates.

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There is currently only one offline version which is quite up to date and that is the version that @ChrisWard suggested.


However, this version does not use the same packageName as with AI2 (online), but → "" (in my case: → com.bodymindpower.appName).

Therefore, this version should not be suitable for updating existing apps that are already in the Play Store, because with AI2 (online version) the packageName is: → appinventor.ai_email.appName.

if i have a current project on the online version, can i continue it on the offline version? and vice versa?

Yes, but you have to remove all Screen.AboutScreen blocks from all screens as AI2Offline does not use this block.

But in order to update your apps, the app must use the same packageName. As I said before, AI2Offline uses a different packageName than AI2 online. So you would have to change the packageName again afterwards, which is not that easy and requires some effort.

You will also need to export your keystore from AI2 online and import it into AI2Offline in order to update your apps.

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