How can i remove the login.jps page from MIT app source

here i am making exe for my our school camp

how can i remove it the login page

like software will open directly with out user login or signup

this is project for our school and we have production camp which will promote the our school camp on various website of ads display like google word youtube facebook etc...

please provide something or document of making exe and tell me how to remove the login pages like it will directly open the project creating site and any modern theme available ??

this is all for our school camp

every help is appreciate

thank you !

well i am having a death line and i need to complete till end of this month (31th august)
yeah i know i am doing very hurry !! but i can't do anything

dev of MIT app can reply please ?

what about using an offline version of App Inventor?
you only have to download and use it...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

Whether the built-in login page is shown is controlled in the appengine-web.xml configuration file. Change the auth.uselocal flag to false.

after set auth.uselocal and auth.usegoogle to false this error comes,

please guide @ewpatton

What are you trying to accomplish here? App Inventor has two modes that it supports out of the box, local auth and Google auth. You must have at least one enabled unless you implement your own auth system, in which case you'll need to modify the login in LoginServlet to handle that.

I want to remove the login (user auth part) completely.
When I go to localhost directly main frame should be shown with my projects list...