Download app and save to phone

I actually succeeded in getting the app to download to my phone using aiCompanion but it was not installed onto my phone. What do I need to do to save the app on my phone?

Android or IOS?

On android: go to build [in the app inventor website], click on .apk. Scan the QR code, and then the app will be downloaded onto your device.

You cannot build an app onto your iOS device, as of yet.

Android. I've already succeeded in downloading the app to the phone. I want to save it on my phone. It isn't saved on the phone , it's displayed and works but I want to install it on my phone for future use.

Check the Download folder on your phone. There should be an APK there.

There are no downloads, no apk files.

Another option. When Ai2 compiles the APK, it displays the qrcode. In the same window on the left there is a button download apk. Download the apk to your computer, then upload to your phone or google drive.

Yes! Downloading worked. A bit cumbersome but it worked!
Thanks very much.

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