Download AIX extensiones

hello I need to get this extension to view pdf files from the url.... attached image...!

I have already downloaded these aix and they do not work for me

  1. Are you using App Inventor? App Inventor blocks do not have any spaces, like your block says Get Value, but in App Inventor it should be GetValue.

  2. You are not recommended to use extensions from Deep Host. He does not even support his own extensions, and rarely answers support emails.

If I'm in app inventor...the download component is from kodular, I need to do it in app inventor, what would be its replacement that fulfills the same function... does app inventor have components for this replacement or should I find an aix that matches?

You should watch these videos to built your play store with downloading. The MIME type is the MIME type of the file that you want to download.


I alredy replied in Kodular's community that those blocks are from Kodular's download component

thanks i will investigate

You know that you can use the Web component also to download files ?

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I really don't understand your response to the answer from @dora_paz. She is a App Inventor Power User. Power Users are here to help and teach others how to use App Inventor. Their almost daily presence is very important for this and other communities.


this Mr. Gordon_Lu
Regular helped me to have a breakthrough in my problem, Dora in the Kodular community, I say that it was a component of Kodular and since it was not a related problem, she closed the issue... You understand the difference in help!

I closed the topic since it was not a Kodular's related problem advising you to ask in your builder's community since you stated that you do not use Kodular


She does have her point. I trust all power users in the community, every day they appear to help others in the community and won the community's total respect. That is Kodular, they have their respective component, so you do not need to ask the question in Kodular.


We can spend hours discussing here and we are not going to move forward. She has already helped me in the other community; there was no need to reappear here; because I learned to reformulate the question or to have another view of my problem that remains unresolved. Your help was "try here" at least I'm talking about moving forward on the search for a solution. THAT IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT, the forums must add solution instances. I am not disrespecting her, I am making her see that she channels her ability, if she knows a lot and that I do not doubt it; but if you don't have the answer, give the place to someone who might have it and don't censor me by saying I ALREADY SAID IN KODULAR...blah blah blah...that's not a way to minimize myself! topic closed for me

Improve your behavior. If this is kodular ask there

@dora_paz is doing this for good

Please don't use all caps. That is like shouting and we don't shout here.

Ok, i will close the topic on your request.