Down loading of App installer not working

Installing the App Inventor Setup software package

You must perform the installation from an account that has administrator privileges . Installing via a non-administrator account is currently not supported.

If you have installed a previous version of the App Inventor 2 setup tools, you will need to uninstall them before installing the latest version. Follow the instructions at How to Update the App Inventor Setup Software.

  1. Download the installer.
    ******** This link not wroking

  2. Locate the file MIT_Appinventor_Tools_2.3.0 (~80 MB) in your Downloads file or your Desktop. The location of the download on your computer depends on how your browser is configured.

Welcome to the community, same thing happens to me with Chrome, works fine with Firefox. If using Chrome you could open a new window in your browser and type

and it will download

Thanks, it worked

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