Doubts keeping the button pressed

Good afternoon guys, I would like to know if the mit app has how I can detect through the true or false if the button is being pressed or not. For example while the button is being pressed the app would return true value

Instead of using Click() event handler that indicates that the user tapped and released the Button

use a

TouchDown() that Indicates that the Button was pressed down

in conjunction with a TouchUp() that Indicates that the Button has been released.

When TouchDown the button is pressed is 'true'; when TouchUp the button pressed is no longer 'true'


thank you!
but how can we conjuct two events together?

Welcome @Reihaneh

Use the advice here Programming Your App to Make Decisions and then use the Logic and block to establish your condition may be what you want to do. See Figure 18-8.

Then, try coding some Blocks. If you have issues, post your Blocks here and someone will certainly provide specific advice for your Project.

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