Doubt Regarding my personal chat app

This is my code.
Here in the List Viewer 1 it is showing the usernames as well as the communications done (e.g. the users.
I don't want the users the see the communication between 2 person (e.g. in List Viewer 1.
Please help me to solve this problem.
Thank You
Also find the .aia:
HowsApp.aia (308.6 KB)

You can

  • use multiple chat rooms How do you create separate chat rooms? - #8 by LazyKillerKing to allow private conversations between specific individuals perhaps

  • do not append Label3 to the chat (it contains the account url's or usenames), you don't have to expose them. The ListViewer contains the usenames because your code tells it to ; you do not have to do that. You can either not include that information or use screen names for chat participants.

Ok thank you.

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