Doubt regarding map (to calculate distance between two sets of coordinates)

hi @SteveJG i want to ask one thing like if user a enters my app then his/her location will be stored in firebase and if user b join my app then his or her location will be stored in firebase so my main question is how can i identify if user a is 5km away from user b or he is not

Perhaps this:

(means you can do it without placing markers/features on a map)

This is a CloudDB example. It shows how to save a user's location to the CloudDb; the Blocks to save a location to a Tag would be similar if using Firebase. See the ShareYourlocation aia in the tutorial.

  • Save the different locations using separate Tags.
  • Calculate the distance between any two locations

To calculate distance between thee two locations, use one of the methods shown here Calculer la distance entre son domicile et un point donnée dans une textbox - #2 by SteveJG.

Here is another way to find out how far away one location is to another Location sensor (ringed fence / circular ringed fence)

and another example that calculates a distance matrix Social Distancing ... a CloudDB / Location Marker Tutorial

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