Doubt regarding External Library

Hello guys. I have an issue regarding adding external library to App inventor sources.

here I have imported jar file in the JarFolder directory

Edited the components/build.xml file

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But after importing package it's showing error in IDE. But compiles successfully.

but when I try to compile extensions, it compiles without any error. I wanted to know is this it's natural behavior or only I'm getting this issue. Also I am not using the default theme of intellij idea. can It be issue?

I caught the simple issuer wait I am helping soon

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Please copy paste the line u have added in xml

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<copy toFile="${public.deps.dir}/mixpanel-java-1.5.0.jar" file="${lib.dir}/JarFolder/mixpanel-java-1.5.0.jar" />

I think you should add a JarFolder Name

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don't understood :sweat_smile:

Where is your Folder Jar?


<copy toFile="${public.deps.dir}/mixpanel.jar" file="${lib.dir}/JarFolder/mixpanel-java-1.5.0.jar" />

Step 1 I just edited the to file without numbers as it is rename now
@UsesLibraries(libraries = "mixpanel.jar")

This is just after import I have included nickname

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You can check highlighted path.

copy that and paste it in your JarFolder.

Example :

Nope I think it's wrong

Means the lib directory thus do as I said I am sure it works

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lib is already pasted in jar folder

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Wait understood.

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Something happened hilarious


import statement is disappearing automatically. @HIFI_APPS @Salman_Dev

All Is fine
What is ur edited xml code now after

<copy toFile="${public.deps.dir}/mixpanel.jar" file="${lib.dir}/JarFolder/mixpanel.jar" />

Add this line after all import... In ur code

Try something like this :
<copy toFile="${public.deps.dir}/mixpanel.jar" file="${lib.dir}/C:\Users\Salman\appinventor-sources\appinventor\lib\JarFolder/mixpanel.jar" />