Doubt regarding Appathon themes

Hey all I had a dobut i was planning to build my app based on the second theme

but i had a doubt that do we need to make a app that lets students code or do we need to make a app that helps students learn things with my app

Can you post the complete text of the mail you got with the themes please. I changed the category of your topic to appathon by the way.

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ok , earlier i thought i was not allowed to post the themes thats why i didnt posting the topic in a minute

Theme 2: Academic App

Where can teachers introduce coding into the classroom? Anywhere! Coding fits well in many academic subjects. For example, a foreign language department could ask students to build apps to translate between languages, a science department could ask students to build apps to recognize different types of plants, a social studies department could ask students to build apps to guide users through historical landmarks of their city.

Pick an academic field and develop an app for that field. The app can either help teach that field (a “Tour Guide” app, for example) or address a specific need in that field (a Translation app, for example). In your write-up and video, give us a clear, concise description of how your app would be used by an academic department.

Some academic fields to consider: Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, History, Geography, Foreign Languages, Literature, Physical Education, and Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence.

this is theme 2

Where did you read that? And you posted only theme 2. I would like a pm with the complete texts please.

i just thought that

ya sure give me a minute

Can I post the full text please?

You could make an app that could be useful for students in a specific field. So choose a field and give it your best shot. Good luck! :+1:

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ok thanks now i understood :grinning:

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I already made a topic with the complete text.