Doubt about the aplication of a slider to regulate the velocity of a DC motor

So for this application I have to control the velocity of a motor (values between 0-265) using a slider through a web server.

Im using this block to get the value of the slider to be on the url but its not working. Please if you know any other way to do this or if its even possible, let me know. :slight_smile:

What is in Textbox1 ?

What are the acceptable values for your motor ?

What is the value of your Slider Thumb Position ?

Do the blocks work if your replace the Slider ThumbPosition block with an acceptable value ?

the IP of the web server

Community discussions about using the Slider

and about what you can do with the Slider to adjust its response.

Is this a local (192.168...) IP address?

If so, how is the phone connecting to the Internet?

  • WiFi through local network?
  • Carrier web service?

Only the first can see local IP addresses.