Double List in one Screen has some serious problems

Hi, i want to describe a problem when using 2 Lists on one screen. I need them because i must connect to 2 BLE devices (another thing that doesn't work very well...).
As you could see also in this example, if you select something in FIRST list and try to get the related value or index, there is NO value returned! In second list all goes well.
Also when you select something in first list, it will also change the selected element on second list. This is not happening when you select from second list.
Anyway, i put here the small example if someone want to see the strange thing and try to solve. Thanks
DoubleList.aia (1.9 KB)

This is a known bug :slight_smile:
Please go to the App Inventor Test Server where potential fixes for the ListView have been deployed.

Hello Duca

Make a new Topic (in the Help Forum) about your problems with BLE.

Hi Nyshyant, thank you for your reply. I ve just tested the new app made in Test ambient and Phone app and.. IT WORKS!!! Yeah. So i will try to move my full project in this test server and see if also double BLE connections works as they must do.

Hi Chris, as you see from Nish reply it is a bug that is resolved in test server. Must i make a new topic in Help forum anyway?

Hello again Duca

In your sample file, what are the 3 empty Horizontal Arrangements for? If you are using Arrangements as spacers - don't. They are expensive in terms of code. The best component to use as a spacer is an empty Label, and be sure to name them accordingly, e.g. Label_Spacer_1.

There isn't a BLE fix on the Test Server, so kindly make a new Topic for that.

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How did you get the values onto your ListViews? I think it must have been via the Properties palette but there are no values in the palette when the Project is loaded into App Inventor. So that might be an extra issue on top of the known multi ListView bug.

Ah ok, thank for spacers trick. In effect i used them just for what you say. I'll change them in labels. Thx a lot

Ok i'll make a new topic for BLE problems in Help forum,

For your last reply regarding values on ListViews i used to populate the list directly in properties as you say but i made that only to show you the problem. In my "real" app i populate them from 2 BLE connections after a scan. And they populate correctly. The problems are in the connection itself but i'll describe in the Help forum. Is it ok?

Certainly :sunglasses:

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More tips and tricks on my website:

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