Dose any one know why the switches are locked and I cant change the value to on or off

For your switches, don't use the .Enabled attribute.

Instead use .On attribute.

Also, I wonder why you switched music and read?

Thanks for your help and it is for a school project it required me to put those on there

Maybe the project language was not clear?

Post it here, so we can see it?

"Allow the user to enter at least two pieces of demographic information. Options include name, age, grade, whether the user is an athlete, how many siblings the user has, whether the user likes to read, likes music, and so on. The app will not ask for height, weight, or gender."

i just added all of then so I it was not required just optional i guess didn't need to include all of them

That's a logical true/false question.

It has nothing to do with Enabling and Disabling a component, which is something you might do if you want to forbid the user from entering impossible data, like asking a 6 year old how many children he has.