Doodle App - Multiple colors options? color picker


I have created the Doodle app using the Tutorial here:

I want the app to be able to show multiple colors like the color picker.

Please help.

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can you explain bit more about question

Thanks for responding.

In the tutorial there are just 3 colored buttons, individual buttons for each of the colors.
I want to be able to add a button which will open the multiple colored picker.


Read and try the ideas here:

Italio's Color Picker link. This is an aia in the MIT Gallery. and this might be applicable.

Dear natashaa
if you want to color picker some thing like date picker(i mean dialog) to us use extension of Deep_Host and it is free you can download from his app search on play-store App name is Deep Host if you not find app then tell me i will send it to you.


Thank you for your help.
Will try to find it.

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Hello Natashaa

There is a colour palette example on my site (free snippet)

Hi, I am in need of help, so I have made a draw app in which there is a color picker (image on canvas) which displays set pixel color on the screen called edits. I want to make the color picker canvas's pixel as a pen color when the button is clicked or to automatically set it when the cursor (ball) on the canvas is idle for a few seconds. The button name is called "Penning" Here is what i have done:

Here is how the color picker looks like

Please tell me what to do everyone.


Checkout my example: