Does this work with Windows 10

I used this program over 5 years ago and it was very very good. I wanted to get familiar with it again but in the setup documents on this site it says it is only good up to Win 7. Is that accurate? I remember this was a good tool and I am trying to build a simple app that would let people load an icon and define a website URL. They would open the app and get a short message and then be taken to the website. It wouldn't use a browser but would open in the App. I would be surprised if this didn't already exist. Open for feedback.

For what, compiling/running the app? Or are you talking about the Offline Version?

Building an app on a desktop and then using it on an Android. Did this tool ever get the option to build an app that would work on an iPhone? IOS?

Here's a program to do so (Note: I've made it over-complicated for no reason, you can redact some of the features that are unnecessary):
WebViewer (3).aia (3.3 KB)

How to import .aia files onto App Inventor: