Does the MIT AI2 companion works offline and how?

Hello everyone

Does the MIT AI2 companion works offline and how ?

because i tried so but it didn't is there special settings or changing the [ Rendezvous Server to something then it will work ] with the offline AI2Offline ?

or this doesn't work only via online ?

It depends on what you mean by "offline". The standard wifi connection requires contacting the rendezvous server at MIT. It's possible AI2Offline handles this but I do not know as it is not an MIT production. The easiest fully offline option would be to install the aiStarter/emulator package and use the USB option to connect to your phone over a USB cable. This doesn't require any network/wifi connection.

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So in short it doesn't work like the Ai2Offline works it needs internet connection to connect to the project.

The companion will work offline if you use the USB connection. If you're using it with the production server in the cloud, logically your computer will still need the network connection to talk to the server hosting your project.

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well i already have let's say apache xamp running on the machine + Ai2offline and via external emulator [KOplayer] I checked I can browse the localhost url so they work fine with no problems but when I run the AI2 companion apk and try to connect to project via code it doesn't connect to the localhost:8888

May I remind you about this problem with Companion via USB connection:


I have no problems with it and have been doing it for many years (because the USB connection is more stable and much faster).

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thank you :slight_smile: , alright back to cables then :smiley: