Does the Location Service need a data connection to work effectively?

As per the title.

If I have a bad connection to a mobile network and no wifi (eg out in the sticks), does this affect the performance of the Location Service?

Similarly, if I simply turn the phone's airplane mode on (location still turned on), does this affect location performance in app?

Depends on the method you use. If you are using "fused" mode, location service will use a combination of wifi/data/GPS - whichever gives the best result

I have had good results using the HTML5 Geolocation api through the webviewer as opposed to using the native Location Sensor....

Depending on your device, airplane mode may or may not turn off GPS.

Thank you, and very nice. Works well with airplane mode on (my phone leaves location on when in airplane mode).

I did get a few timeouts with gl1.

@TIMAI2 I don't know for sure, but the timeouts seem to be if I leave the test app sitting idle for a while and my data is switched off. For instance, I just left the phone for 15 minutes and now have been spending the last 5 minutes trying to get gl1 location. Just getting "ERROR(3): Timeout expired" each time.

I then tried gl2 for a minute or so - same issue.

I then tried gl3, and it pinged first go. I think that was luck though.

Maybe it's a warm-up thing? The device loses its GPS lock if it isn't polling location and takes some time to regain it?

I've increased the timeout to 10 seconds. In doing so, I notice after leaving the phone idle for a bit, the location retrieval can take more than 5 seconds. Might be all is needed. I'll keep testing.

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