Does recalling procedure, end the original procedure?

So, I have a procedure that at times calls itself in the code, so does calling the same procedure inside the procedure, terminate the original procedure as they are both the same procedures? Sorry if this sounds a little wacky.

I think you must call the same procedure at the last or else the procedure gets terminated.
Alternative -
Have you tried using loops?

There is no problem doing that. I have done that in my app. Be sure that it does not make an infinite loop. :wink:

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It would make sense to code your procedure so that:

  1. You have a break clause to stop the procedure runing before starting it again
  2. Have an output event in your procedure, so that the procedure has to finish before you can start it again

No, both will keep running.

Here's a recursion sample you can play with ...

I am not trying to make a loop, the procedure has a loop in which if a certain condition turns true, the procedure calls itself, this is to provide limitless possibilities because if I use if/thens the number of times it will be called become limited.

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