Does it has library or function which convert data from lists variable(which received data from bluetooth) to string

This is first experience for create application-android with bluetooth.
When i send data of string (Hello_12345) from YAT (PC-Terminal-COM5) to android’s application and it get… [72,101,108,108,111,95,49,50,51,53,13,10] in app of my phone

Does it has library or function which converse Number-DEC-Data to Char for app-inverter.

Thank you. ^^

This is a routine made by @Italo.

This is a link to a gallery project he made so you don’t have to type everything.

(MOD EDIT to add link ;))

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Thank you @TIMAI2 :wink:

Instead of jumping through hoops to convert a list of bytes to text,
why not just ask for text in the AI2 Bluetooth request block?