Does appinventor source supports Mac Os

so im thinking about getting a new laptop
i want to buy a macbook but i don't know if mac os can run appinventor source or if it has ant or anything like that
or if i can create extensions on it
so if any of you have tried it on mac os please tell me

If you can install Java there then you can do most of things.

Yes, a majority of the dev team at MIT use Macs, although I don't think any of us have upgraded to macOS Big Sur yet.

So i can buy it right
there is nothing to worry about

I use AI2 on 4 different devices:

  • 2 PCs: (i7, i5 / 8-16GB RAM, SSD) (Win 7 Prof., Win 10) and a
  • Notebook (i7, 8GB RAM, SSD) (Win 7 Prof.) and a
  • Mac Mini (8GB RAM, 3.0 GHz 6‑Core i5, 256 GB / Catalina).

Firefox / Chrome, Safari

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8mb ? Seriously ?


Ah sorry, of course 8GB.

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