Does App Inventor Extensions support swapping stretched/squeezed images?

I’d like to be able to let a user stretch or squeeze an on-screen image (e.g., a photo) and then swap that image for another one to which the same stretch/squeeze parameters are applied. For example, the first image may be a house and the second image can be a schematic version of the house showing regions of heat loss. The user stretches the schematic image to zoom in on an area of high heat loss, then toggles back to the house image to see that area correspondingly enlarged.

You can probably do something using the canvas and an imageSprite, set the images to the imageSprite, and use the canvas Dragged event to reshape the imageSprite. I might have a play at this later.

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Thank you!

Needs more work, but try this:

squeezeImages.aia (151.1 KB)

In use, resize in small segments: drag and lift, drag and lift....

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Thank you again! I'm just getting my feet wet in this environment, but knowing this operation is possible motivates me to wet more than my feet. I'm looking forward to trying this.