Does anyone know how to make a extension

Hi im sorry to trouble you all but does anyone know how to make a extension that will give a player audio file when the title of the song and artist is given procedures_callnoreturn(3)

no what i mean is the user enters a artist name and song title so the extension returns the audio file

Then you probably need an API
i checked this one but i dont know how to use it can someone help me

Firstly start with basics :wink:

what do you mean

I mean if you want to make such extension, Kindly start by making some basic extensions

but i dont know how to make a extension

do you have discord

You could use a file extension and some comparison logic, assuming your filenames contain the artist and the song title....

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I am confused here that you are asking for help in making such extension or asking if someone can make it ?

You can create extension in, or inn rush Rush • A new and improved way of building extensions

because i dont know how to make a extension im asking someone who can do it for me

See my post I provide you some links that creates extension also you need to learn java to create extensions

As i said i dont know how to make extensions or jave stuff

Learn java from here

thank you but im not in a situation to learn java right now

Why is there any problem with you?

I tell you that java is not so hard I learn this in 10 days and now I create a extension