Do we have a mobile app for App Inventor?

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Can we have a mobile app to develop apps in App Inventor?
I am from a place where we are trying to mentor students who doesn't have access to laptops, but have smart phones.
It would be incredibly helpful to have a mobile app for development.


Welcome @Panuganti_Saikiran
There is no "app" as such, but I have tried load the builder on the mobile.
It loads but as the UI and performance isnt meant for a mobile, it becomes very difficult to deveoleop on a mobile.

I collected some mobile alternatives at

a while back, but I have no idea how many are still live.

You could also add sketchware

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(SketchWare added to FAQ)

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The solution to using App Inventor in your student's situation is to provide an old lap top that the students can share. You don't need a hammer to drive an nail; you can use a rock. You don't need a brush to paint a fence, you can use a rag. But it helps to have the right tools and a lap top won't ruin your student's eyes and make them think programming is drudgery and frustrating.

Like Alaqmar, I have tried using a cell phone; a disaster. Tried using a 10" tablet, better but still very unsatisfying. Moving from a cell to a small lap top is like letting a blind person see.

Have you tried using a cell phone? It can be done but would you want to if using the right tool makes the experience 1000 times better. :slight_smile: Follow Alaqmar's advice, it is VERY difficult compared to a laptop.

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