Do I need to do something more when storing DB in added screen?

I tested this sample app for sending and replacing tinyDB text datas between two phone's same app. It replaces DB datas with no problem. So, I implanted this app to other app as a new screen. then it couldn't replace original DB. Store and GetValue showed result but db doesn't changed. I didn't know what was wrong. Need help. thanks in advance.

DBcopypasteTEST.aia (17.1 KB)

Tiny DB can't get and send data between two phones, it means that you're wrong. try with cloud DB, Firebase or Tinyweb DB

I changed db as normal text then shared it by email. and did copy & paste it into list, replaced previous db data as this list. that was my scenario and it worked when it was in a single screen. But didn't work when it implanted as new screen.

Please send your current aia

I already attached aia file on an original post.

When initialize screen, Getvalue of "tag1"
Send text datas from DB by sharing email
Copy & paste them into a new list
StoreValue the list as "tag1"
GetValue of "tag1"
LabelPasteDatas.text shows correct length of list.
Then nothing changed in "tag1", no new datas.
I don't get what I did wrong...

Nothing is changed? I can't understand what are you looking for and what is your problem

I attached this screen as added screen into other diary app to move db data from old phone to new phone. while testing transfer I got trapped in this problem. It looks replacing old db data as new one but nothing changed. it still has old db data.

I added diary aia file below.
voiceRecorderTEST_copy.aia (104.9 KB)

Share block just shares a message using an application, it don't transfer data from email automatically
I advice to use cloud DB or Firebase, if you want to transfer data using email, you never can transfer data

Thanks for good advice. I'll check how to use Firebase.

I run timer to store db automatically on Screen1. Screen1 run behind a Screen2, it cause the problem. Everytime I tried to update data old data covered it automatically.

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