Do anyone know how you use sqlite extension used for account database that corresponds with the saved data?

Hi! I'm kinda confused on how to use sqlite as a database for the account making. I'm using SQLite since TinyDB overwrites the data when multiple accounts are registered. Also, we need a database that works offline. Aside from that, I want to use my user id as identity number of the data in a whole row that can be called in multiple screens. I am using user id as a primary key and it autoincrements. Some data needs to be read-only in other screens that I am going to use.

Here is the Signup screen that I have:

And, here is an incomplete block coding that I have in Login screen:

TinyDB only overwrites data if you programmed it like that
Are you using your app only on one device for multiple accounts? If not, you probably will need an online database, depending on the purpose of your app


I am using a single device that can accommodate multiple account creation. Plus we really need to use offline database since the project that involves the mobile app will be deployed on a remote location that can't get a good internet connection. That is why we used sqlite extension for the project.

Yes you can do that or just use the username as identifier, probably easier


can you show me how?

Everything you need to know here: