Distribute MIT AppInventor With SCCM

I want to distribute MIT or ai2starter with sccm, is there someone who has some experience how to do that.
I have version MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_30.265.0_win_setup64

Ever figure this out? I need to get away from creating a golden image and deploy this through sccm soon. it looks like haxm is causing the hang when trying to use the silent and all userrs switch.

I am trying to deploy app inventor through sccm. Is there any way to get haxm to run silently? It looks like that is the only thing hoilding back my deployment. The silent switch runs, but unless the haxm prompts are acknowledged the deployment just hangs.

I extracted the exe and it has the haxm 7.6.5 installer included with the silent install batch file. Why doesn't running the app inventor installer with the /S switch call the haxm silent_install.bat file so this can be an automated deployment? Installing haxm 7.6.5 silently as a prerequisite doesn't work because the ai installer still calls the main haxm.exe causing the deployment to hang. I shouldn't have to extract your installer and create my own in order to deploy this silently to hundreds of computers. /S should be silent including any prerequisites.

Would be nice if we could get a unattended package...