Displays the most recent data

Hello everyone, introduce my name is safri, i am a new user of firebase and MIT APP Inventor. i have a little problem. I'm creating a seawater condition monitoring database using firebase. the problem is, i want to display only the latest data that entered the database using MIT APP Inventor. can anyone help me?

Thank You

Here is the view from my database in firebase.

In the image above, there is a lot of data under the "data" bucket. what I want is, I want to display the data if there is new data entered under the existing data in the database. only recent data.

The following is a display design image on the MIT APP Inventor

Sorry if my english is not good and Please help me.

Use the data hanged block?

Also, if possible, store your dates like this: 20230324, then they can be sorted numerically.

how is the code to display the latest data in MIT Inventor? the data in the database is sorted from the first entry to the newest data.

The nice thing about date keys is they are easy to enumerate using only a Date Picker and a Clock component for formatting the date string.

No need to ask for a Tag list.

To branch the data by date, insert a / into the tag to fork the branch within the date.

There are blocks to reverse lists

i need sample code please.

set bucket to data , get taglist, sort taglist, get the newest one data?

can you give an example of the program code block?

try to block by your self. if any problem, then ask here with your blocks.