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Hello everyone, please help. I will use a screen (example Screen 1) to display 7 Vertical Arrangement (va) components consisting of vaStart, vaReg, vaLog, vaPass, vaDone, vaIntroduction and vaHome, as shown in the picture. In vaIntroduction (Vertical Arrangement Introduction) I will use it to display HTML files. How to Block Program to display HTML files in vaIntroduction?

Show your blocks.

I don't know how to arrange the block for vaIntroduction (vertical arrangement) as a place to display the html file.
The following image is the entire block apart from the vaIntroduction block

Screenshot 2024-06-03 231946

Screenshot 2024-06-03 232142

Screenshot 2024-06-03 232320


You can use the WebView component, or if that doesn't display the HTML files as required, use the extension Custom WebView. Both can be set on a Vertical Arrangement (which I see you are using as Virtual Screens, good practise).

Where are the HTML files? On the phone, on a server somewhere?

I uploaded it to media, as shown in the following image (red box)

Where are your blocks to open that webpage?

WebViewer1.GoToUrl http://localhost/11.html


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I haven't created a block to open the web page.
"And this is my problem"
I will display the html file in vaIndtroduction (vertical arrangement)

Thank you Mr Taifun, I have tried it but the html file appears on screen1, not in vaIntroduction


WebIntroduction.GoToUrl http://localhost/11.html

Thank you TIMAI2, I will try using it

I have tried the results as shown in the following image

The blocks that I arranged (as shown in the picture) but the html file cannot be displayed in full. Are the blocks that I arranged wrong?


Why are you using the .PageLoaded event ? Are you loading a different web page before calling 1l.html ?

Just use the GoToUrl block when you need to load the html.

Thank you very much TIMAI2, for your help and it has worked as I expected

By using the GoToUrl block that TIMAI2 recommends, as shown in the following block

Thank you very much Mr. Taifun has helped a lot

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