Displaying an image

In a small app, i must read one row from a TinyDB, i select it from a ListView. Within this row there is a field called "Plano" that simply is the name of an image with extension .png
I can obtain the info but cannot display the image. I was thinking in a "nested if", but there are almost 100 rows with different images, so it would be ugly and repetitive the code.
What i was thinking:
if plano = "alicante.png"
then Display the alicante.png image
if plano = "asturias.png"
then Display the asturias.png image
if plano = "ancona.png"
then Display the ancona.png image

and so on until the end of my rows.

Someone has a better idea???
Thanks in advance.
Rafael MV

works on both the companion and when compiled

[note: if the image is misspelled, it will not be shown]

Show your blocks, the ListView elements and post a simple little test aia.
Where do the (100) images come from and where are they stored.

Thank you for your help. But in my case, the tag is a strong textfieldstrong text that i just read from TinyDB. And i see here a text.

Hello Anke.
Here are the blocks for this function:

At the moment i just have uploaded 6 images, i am still testing my app, but it doesn't work.
Again, thank you.

Once agian: