Display related virtual following a "double-listpicker"-selection

Dear all
Following a "double-listpicker-selection" I intend to open (make visible) the related virtual page/screen (and hide of course the others). The "double-listpicker-selection" works but I have no clue on how I can achieve this.

Example related to the included file:

  1. First selection in Listpicker "St.Moritz-Chur" (works)
  2. Second selection related to 1 "IR1152"
  3. launch/display/make visible related virtual screen/page for "IR1152"

What commands/queries are required in the section marked below to display the related virtual screen?

Many thanks (still very much beginner unfortunately)


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Set up a procedure that sets the visibility of all your virtual screens to false.

Use this first whenever you run blocks code to show a virtual screen

Then set the visibility of the virtual screen you want to see to true

In your case the virtual screen you want will be based upon the selection you make from your second listpicker

Here is a sample app you can examine ...

Thank you both very much. I will try and adapt my project within the next few days according to your comment and tutorial.