Display received JSON data like twitter (x) display tweet

Hi guy,

New to MIT App Inventor, i am building an app that need to display user comment like twitter (X) application display tweet with scroll down capacity. I successuly received data in json format and successfully retrieve data from it, now i am struggling to format the received data and display it in a listview.

Here is my blocks used to managed the data :

treat json receive

The result of this is shown in the picture below

This is the format of the JSON input


I want it to be :
Company - add_date (as Listview mainText)
Msg (as detailText)

Thanks for your help,

You could do something like this:

Thanks @TIMAI2,

I try what you suggested, i can only display the first record of the JSON code 5 times (don't understand why) as you can see on the picture below

The request return 10 entries in JSON format through this link but i am struggling on making a loop to display all the values received. I used the following blocks

Can you guide me on a way i can manage this please ?


Try like this:


Thanks for this, it work as expected. :pray:

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