Display profile page by take from firebase

Hi, can everyone help me? I want to set my profile page and i want to display username and email at profile page by take from firebase but when I used firebase project bucket, it display differently. Tq

What were you expecting when you set a label to a project bucket block?

I expecting it can show username and email

You need to make a data call to firebase, and handle the return.

Show your firebase console data...


Seems you have no data, how are you expecting to return profile information, from the login of an authenticated user on Firebase ?


Then try blocks like this:


how about this, timai2? i tried and it showed error.

You did not follow my blocks.

  1. set the projectBucket BEFORE you getValue
  2. tag = tag will not work, try tag = queen70
  3. not sure why you are calling the taglist as well ?