Display phone notifications in a arduino led display

I have a arduino project where a arduino with a led matrix diplay that cicles bettwen various informations like time, date, ambient temperature, special events, etc. and i wanted to add phone notifications, like it would show something like, you got 9 new unanswered calls from mom, actually just finding a way to read notifications would be a great help.

I worked with mit app inventor before but i have no idea of how to do this.

If anyone knows a simple tutorial that i could follow it would be very apreciatted.


thank you for the help,
I've found out how to take the tags like the title and the text out of the json that comes out of the notification listener, but now i ran into a different problem. I need to only read the messages out of specific apps, how do i do that?

What about reading the documentation?

Just use the packagename filter accordingly

On the example on the documentation they use a extension to only read the whatsapp notifications. What i need is to read is the messages and missed calls.

Let the example run without packagename filter to find out the package names of the apps you are interested in

Then set the packagename filter accordingly


Thank you for the help,
I also found out I can look up the name of the app in my phone settings,
Sorry but I didn't undertood how you filtered the messages before and I thought i nedded a extension to filter every single app.

David Kotchetov