Display Many Options From Spinner

How can I use Spinner to select options so many times like in the video.

From the video you should be able to work this out for yourself. It is fairly trivial...

  • set spinner with elements
  • call spinner
  • select spinner item and add to a list
  • add this list as the elements for a listview
  • set listview after picking to remove selected listview item from list and redisplay listview

Please explain more. I am little confused.

Really ?


To further improve the visuals / animations you would need to add some extensions, which ones? I do not know.


Add Reminder is a button or a spinner? And thank you so much for explaining me.

It's a Button...

Please share the .aia of the above example. Because I am confused that which components you have used and where you set them in Designer.

Sorry deleted it.

From the image:

  • A label with the heading
  • A label to make a line
  • A listview with background white, text black
  • A label to make a line
  • An horizontal arrangement, inside is a Switch and a label
  • A button
  • A spinner set to 1 pixel wide

You should have a go yourself....

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Please check there is a problem

The elements of Spinner are repeating and also they do not come in the order according to options list.

I want like this.
I am a student. It is for a project.

You have not been clear in your requirements ?

  1. Can you only have one of each type of reminder in your list ? (note you appear to need Alarms and Notifications ?)
  2. Do these need to be sorted - lowest to highest before display in the listview ?

No problem in 1 point. I have to make different list for alarm and different list for notifications, that is not the problem. I only have problem in 2 point. I want that if I select 15 minutes before, then it shows 15 minutes before in the list and then if I select On time the it shows On time on 1st position and 15 minutes before on 2nd position.

Then sort your list before displaying it. You may need to put a number before each item in the list to be able to sort correctly - 5 minutes before will sort before On time lexicographically... so perhaps 0 On time ?


Please explain me more by showing some blocks only for a idea how to do that.

Why not try this for yourself , there are many examples for sorting lists available on the community.

I didn't understand that. That's why I raised a new topic for this.