Display Live Timer Time on Label

I'm trying to make a Cliff Height Timer app for timing how long it takes a ball or rock to fall, then calculate the height of that bridge, tree, cliff, etc by using the equation 16t^2, where t is the time in seconds it took the object to fall. I'm in the early stages of building the app, and right now I'm trying to get the timer to display the live value on the screen. I followed this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3XFYOtvUng), and in the beginning of their tutorial you can see that the milliseconds work correctly. In my app in the emulator and when I download the APK, I am having problems with it. The miliseconds are very delayed. It seems to only update the time on the label every second or so. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! The .aia file is attached.

CliffHeight.aia (4.3 KB)

Here are your blocks, for the other reviewers ...

Your Clock is still at its 1000 ms per tick original setting in the Designer.
I suggest Clock1

P.S. I renamed your procedure to nn, because that is what it does.

P.P.S. When live testing with a phone, be sure to remember which hand holds the falling rock and which holds the phone.