Display lens capture live in a frame

Hi there,
I'm looking at a way to display what the camera sees in a specific "frame" in a sense of room on the screen. the reason is that my App offers some actions (thru buttons) that the viewer need to click on in particular cases during the live recording. Basically I don't need to record just to display what the lens capture. Hope I'm clear enough otherwise ask me to send a screenshot.
For those who might suggest to simply look at the "real" live the answer is quite simple : I need to ensure that all the kids in my classroom get (more or less) the same view at the same time.
I did search here and there without success therefore any help/hint will be much appreciated !
Thx in advance.

If the camera is available via a web page you could probably stream the video via the web and use the WebViewer component to place it arbitrarily in your app. Unfortunately, the Camera component ties into the phone's native camera app so it won't do what you need.

Exact ewpatton. It was one of the option I had in mind and tried to use it in the past for live-streaming from my G.Drive. Thank you for the effort.
I was thinking about the solution that has been used by Tim [Video Call on AI2?] to build a videoconferencing app. However it looks complicated for my need. Do you think it's feasible ?