Display images on canvas when the user touch an area of the canvas

Dear friends
How can I display images on canvas? My project is to build a canvas where the user can touch an area of the canvas and appear an image and then dissapears when the user leave it.
I have done this blocks and I only can move the finger of the user through the canvas but I don´t know how to put images that can be displayed when the user touch an area of the canvas:

Thank you for your help

Could it be as simple as this ?


with a bit of maths, you can centre the image on your touch point

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Thank you so much.
Your blocks are exactly what I need, but how can I limit the area. For example: I wish that the image appears in the right top corner. I am so sorry for this basic question. Is it necessary to include coordinates?


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Thanks a lot for your help.
I would like to ask you how is the procedure when you have more than one image. For example I have 3 images in 3 different places. When I touch the screen the 3 images appears at the same time and it is not what I want.
I would like each image appears only when I touch in a specific location and not at the same time. MI intention is that the first image appears when I only touch the area X:30, Y:185. The second image only appears when I only touch the area X: 207, Y:83. The third image only appears when I only touch the area X: 104 Y:311 Is it possible?
Thank you so much

You will need a conditional statement for each press point. Here is an example using your first press point coordinates. I have set the conditions to be +/- 15 in all directions for fat fingers!

Got it!
Thank so much!!!

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