Display button Image with Gallery problem

I have been unable to display the image shown in the attachment. How should I continue? Thanks in advance, Charles

As far as I know, set (image component) can't get an image from gallery, so you can only get the image from the asset.

Look at this :

Screenshot (69)


Here are the ways you can add an image to a component

Salman_Dev has made a good point about my button/images question! I know you have had discussions with him on other question, but I thought it unusual he would ask me to "sign up" for for further info. What do you think? Charles

Are you asking me or you asking yourself?

Note :
The root directory of the External Storage


is displayed on the device as Internal Storage (unfortunately this is a bit ambiguous).

See here:

Try this:

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is required for this.

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Not sure what this is about ?

Salman_Dev, TimAi2, and Anke -
Thank you for the help. I works perfectly!

should it be a small f in File:/// ?

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Thanks, Charles :blush::+1:

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