Display All Databases From Firebase to Screen

Hi! I am new to MIT App Inventor and I'm trying to create a project of a simple product inventory management system. I could store data to firebase as the picture below.

And on the 'Products' screen, I want all stored data to display using the blocks below

As a result, same data of the product are shown.

Sorry for the unorganized interface. And I know my code blocks are wrong but I don't know how to fix it. Please help me out.

For what you are doing, or seeking to do, you are going to want to use something a bit more dynamic, so that the components list is built based upon the number of products you have.

See here:

(there is A LOT to read...)
and here:

for how to build a dynamic listing using the dynamic components extension

A possibly simpler route would be to use ColinTree's Custom Listview


Thank you for responding. It's really helpful.

I want to create an 'Inventory Management' app using MIT APP INVENTOR. I create each product and store to firebase. But my problem here is I don't know how to display all the databases of the products from firebase to screen.
Any tools recommendation?
How should I retrieve databases from firebase and display them all on the screen?

I need your help.

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