Display a Remote PDF file

Hi !!
I downloaded ViewPDF ext from Metricat. I have read PuraVida's as well.

I need to host my PDF files on my side, regular http Server and would like my App just to use WebViewer and point to an url with the file name i specify. I can not create an html file for each pdf.

I need to show 1 whole page per pdf.

Any recommendations ?

Thanks !!

Just prepend your pdf urls with:


Perfect !! Exactly what I needed.

I just have to watch the size of the pdf i will host so it doesn't break into several pages because of the size. Any recommendation of doc size or webviewer parameter ?

Thanks again !!

Not sure what you mean. The url and the webviewer will show the entire pdf....

Original pdf was too big. WebViewer broke down the pdf into 4 pages.

I resized the pdf 50% and now it shows 1 page and I just scroll down to see the bottom part of the image.

Thank you for your help !!