Display a picture from a link

it is possible to display a picture from a link?

Yes, the image component will accept a fully qualified url, that is, a url with a file name in it

e.g. https://mydomain.co.uk/images/myimage.png

It will also handle direct links to google drive image files:

And Its an other question I can dowload an image to cloud in app inventor

Do you mean

upload an image from your AppInventor app to "the cloud"
download an image from "the cloud" to your AppInventor app


Oh and what if I dont want to use drive

I think I can dowload an image and sent to an other person in my app

No-one says you have to, just trying to give a more complete answer (which it wasn't, there are many others)

Thanks for these

Can you answer this too, please (sorry if my Grammar really bad)

Just send them the link....

but i think i take a picture in the app and i dowload the cloud

You can still send them the link (which you will get/use) when you "upload" your image to "the cloud"

but i think this image what you dowload tinywebDb its possible here?

or with something else

You cannot upload an image, or any binary file to tinyWebDB, but you can upload the text link.

(Well, you can if you convert the binary file to base64String, but this is not a practical solution)

Thanks for these