Display a message at certain times of the day

I would like to view a message from 07 to 20:00
And from 20: 00 to 23.59 another message, is it possible to do it?

Use a Clock . Periodically poll the time and compare the mm ss range you specify to the actual time. Use an If..then statement to determine which criteria is met. If the criteria is met, post a message in a Label (or perhaps a Notifier). This example will work while the app is awake but not while it sleeps unless you use a method to keep the device awake or use an extension to 'run in the background'.

What have you tried?

This is an approximation. It might be good enough. (It might not capture "24" ). If not modify the simple code (note, this is edited)

to do exactly what you want to do

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Is it my eyes, or is it an '=' I see there?

the edited should be correct. What values used depend on how precise the poster expects to be.

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You have been so great, solved, it works very well.
You really solved a problem that kept me sitting at my PC for 20 hours. Thanks again very much

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