[Discontinued] Regex Extension to work with regex

Short description

Extension to work with Regex

Picture of all the blocks

Instructions to use this extension

first of all there is only one block the first parameter is to hold the regex you want and the next one it the value that will be matched with regex

Download link

com.AK_Tech.Regex.aix (8.2 KB)

Demo Blocks For Getting Yuotube video id from different type of youtube video urls

current dont use these blocks the extension works but problem with the code i gave


As you may know, already done:

and in Taifun Tools: https://puravidaapps.com/tools.php


sorry about i did not knew that well here are new blocks -

Update added Find block and now every blocks are now also with flags option

just added demo blocks and aia

Need to be AI2 blocks in images to demonstrate it works in App Inventor, not some other builder...

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sorry about that in being busy i forgot that i will update it

hello @TIMAI2 is it ok now?

Blocks image OK, example aia gives an error/warning on open, probably due to this:


sorry about that
everyone i am removing demo blocks and aia for now because somewhy regex is not correct

any progress - any idea will this aix work ? rgds Kuba

Use this one:


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