[Discontinued] [FREE] DistanceFinder Extension


This extension was created by Horizon for calculating distance between two places. Thank You

💡 Current Version 1.0
📁 File Size 11.84 KB
📦 io.horizon.distancefinder.DistanceFinder
📅 Created On 2021-12-15

Method Blocks

CalculateDistance - This block calculates the distance between two places
➜ latitude1 input type number
➜ longitude1 input type number
➜ latitude2 input type number
➜ longitude2 input type number

Event Blocks

AfterCalculation - Event Triggered after calculating distance
➜ distance output type number

Helper blocks

This extension was made on request of @Coding_Bot
and he has also tested the extension

This docs is generated from AIX Docs - Cttricks. Hit :heart: button if you liked this extension and feel free to comment below your reviews and suggestion.

Click here to download this extension.

Thank you


which formula do you use to calculate the distance?
the Haversine formula?


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if a formula used (not web api), then maybe the AfterCaculated event is not needed. it can give a result directly.


Yes @Taifun I have used this formula only

Thank you

Hello everyone,
Recently my laptop's windows were Corrupted, therefore all code my all extensions are deleted except TicTacToe Extensions, so I won't be able to help you if you have any errors or wanted to know how to use it.
I am so sorry about it

Thank you

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