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I'm working on a Sat Nav project, I've worked out how mirror the android screen to the miracast using Smart View but I can't work out how disconnect it. I'm sure it's got to be pretty simple, but without knowing the actual commands I'm at a loss. I've trawled the Internet all day with out turning up anything useful, not even how to end an external App.

If anybody knows how to disconnect Smart View or close an external App it would be most appreciated.

A screen shot of how I connect is below, it opens the connection dialog box and then connects automatically as it's the only option present, I think if there were more than 1 option I would have to select it manually, so if anybody knows how to automate the selection process it would also be very appreciated also.



Hello Ian

Tricky - naturally, Google Security does not want Apps to be able to close other unrelated Apps. However, you might be able to do it with the Linux 'Kill' function.

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As I'm using Bluetooth & Arduino also, think I'll turn the Mirascreen box off & on again using an Arduino relay & Bluetooth command, I've tested it & it does what I need IE when the Mirascreen box is turned off the screen share disconnects and doesn't try to reconnect when the Mirascreen box is turned on again.

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